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2011 Ford Pickup

  • 2011 Ford Pickup

    Ford Pickup
    Service Date
    Services Performed
    • Scan for check engine light. Check for visual damage to emissions and engine performance components. Evaluate live data (if applicable). Check for TSB's (if applicable) Found:
    • Change oil and oil filter. Perform a quick check under the hood of the vehicle and a quick suspension check with no specifications or conditions verified.
    • Starting and Charging System Test
    • Clean Terminal cables as needed.
    • Remove and Replace 12 Volt Battery
    • SPARK PLUGS – Remove & Replace – F150,3.5L Eng
    • The 3 Part Fuel Service Kit is ideal for services that include a cleaning of the throttle body. Intake Valve Deposit Cleaner cleans intake valves as well as the combustion chamber, piston crowns, piston ring lands and fuel injector tips. It is applied using the Runrite Pressurized Induction Tool through the air induction system or through a vacuum line. Runrite Air Intake Cleaner effectively cleans the intake system of a vehicle, including the throttle body, throttle valve and the idle air control valve. Silver Fuel System Cleaner is added to the fuel to keep the fuel system free of carbon and varnish that can affect drivability and fuel economy.
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